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Graphic of Maui Beaches Checklist

Extend Your Day At The Beach

Have you ever left the beach for something silly, like a Snickers bar—and lost your parking spot?

With the Maui Beaches Checklist you’ll get everything you need the first time, so you can enjoy an unforgettable beach day in Maui.

free beach chair or boogie board offer

–>> Reserve 2 or more snorkel sets online and receive a free Tommy Bahama beach chair or boogie board rental for the same period (one freebie per party).

Boogie Board and Beach Chair on Maui Beach

Kid Snorkeling in waters of Maui

Water Toys Graphic

Boredom is the enemy of an extended Maui beach day. Sunbathing is wonderful, but eventually you’re going want to get into the water.

Kids on Maui Beach with Boogie Boards

Beach Chairs Graphic

Sitting on a towel in the sand is comfortable—for about an hour. Epic Maui beach days are made from sturdy, Tommy Bahama beach chairs.

  • A beach chair is the single best item that adds time to your Maui beach day
  • An umbrella above your chair also provides excellent sun protection
  • Reclaim your energy much faster on a chair after snorkeling and boogie boarding

Resting with Snorkel Gear on Maui Beach

Sun Protection Graphic

Save your skin. Save the reef.

  • Waterproof sunscreen, a beach umbrella, and a UV shirt are your prime weapons against sun fatigue
  • Mainstream sunscreens will deteriorate the reef in Maui
  • The Snorkel Store offers multiple options for sun protection that are friendly to Maui’s fragile ecosystem

Sunscreen of person

Camera Graphic

It’s easier (and less expensive) than you’d think to get a quality replacement camera in Maui. Underwater, or on land—you’ve got options.

  • Pop your phone into waterproof Fidlock. Take underwater video of turtles on the cheap.
  • Grab a disposable underwater camera—they actually take pretty great photos!

Person Snorkeling in Maui with Underwater Camera

Food Graphic
In the Amazon Prime show Forever, Maya Rudolph proclaims the banana is the perfect beach food. The peel keeps the sand out naturally. It gives you tons of energy. And it’s easy cleanup.

Whatever your favorite beach food, a cooler filled with grub is an excellent way to ensure everyone sticks around.

  • Bring at least one meal, plus snacks, for everyone in your party
  • A cooler rental is only $20.00 for your entire stay
  • Place your beach chair and snorkel sets on your back (they come hands-free). Carry the cooler side-by-side—easy peezy.

Pineapples on beach

Drinks Graphic

You’re going to want tons of cold water, plus something flavorful to whet your whistle. People often forget one type of beverage or the other.

  • Bring at least 1 gallon of bottled water. Playing in the ocean and relaxing in the sunshine is dehydrating.
  • Buy something fun to drink: soda, beer, kombucha. It doesn’t matter. Tongues get bored on a long day at the beach.
  • Again, drinking plenty of water is one of the main tricks for creating an extended beach day

Drinks Beach Chair Umbrella Graphic

Extra Graphic

Keep things light. Write down everything you want to bring. Stick to the plan.

  • A bag for garbage: A beach day lasts longer when the trash is out of sight.
  • A change of clothes: Swap out your wet shorts mid-day—buy yourself a couple more hours.
  • What will you bring to the beach in Maui?
  • ____________________________________
  • ____________________________________

People Relaxing on Kapalua Bay Maui Hawaii

Photo of Kapalua Bay Maui Hawaii

Bonus Tip:

Go hand-free to the beach

Now that you’ve got your stuff, what’s the best way to carry it?

Hands-free, of course! The Snorkel Store is all about getting your family to the beach as quickly and as simply as possible.

Person with Backpack Beach Chair on the Maui Beach

Hold hands with your wife instead of lugging gear around. Now that’s easy-peezy.  

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