Turtle Ready—Together

The Snorkel Store partners with MOC Marine Institute to preserve Maui’s turtle habitat for generations.

Baby Turtle on Maui Hawaii Beach

Adopt A green Sea Turtle

—>> Symbolically adopt a turtle today and receive a bundle of awesome gifts including an adorable plush “honu” stuffed animal and a photo of your rescued turtle.

Plus, you’re going to feel incredibly warm in your heart!

Become A Honu Hero!

Honu Hero Kit for Maui Ocean Center

Honu Hero Adoption – $25.00

Here’s what you’ll get with your Honu Hero turtle adoption:

  • 1 Eco Pals Brand Green Sea Turtle Plush Stuffed Animal
  • 1 4X6 photo of your rescued sea turtle
  • 1 Personalized Adoption Certificate
  • 1 Hawaiian green sea turtle education guide
  • 1 Seafood Watch Guide (Hawaiʻi)
  • 1 Honu Hero sticker
  • 1 MOC Marine Institute sticker
  • 1 Subscription to MOCMI e-newsletter
Become A Honu Hero!


Turtle in water with snorkelers Maui

Still Not Sure?

Every dollar counts when it comes to protecting turtles in Maui. Contribute as little as $10.00 to be come a Honu Helper today!

The Marine Institute’s Turtle Rescue Team works to ensure the survival of sea turtles in Hawaii through science-based conservation efforts, education and outreach.

Find detailed information on the Turtle Rescue Team’s work at this link.

Turtle caught in fishing line being in Maui Hawaii

Donate $10 Today

For as little as $10 you can make a big difference in Maui. It’s the right thing to do and it feels fantastic!

Want to donate in the name of a friend? That’s easy. Does your company match? We’ve got your covered.

Become a lifelong Honu Helper today. You’ll never regret it.

Donate To Save Turtles!


The Snorkel Store Slogan

MOC Marine Institute In Action

The Marine Institute at Maui Ocean Center is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to turtle preservation and ocean restoration in Hawaii.

Every dollar you contribute will go toward protecting Hawaii’s precious ecosystem and incomparable beauty for generations.

Turtle Rescue in Maui Hawaii Beach

Turtle being released in the ocean on Maui Hawaii

Maui Ocean Center Marine Institute Photo

Scuba Divers surveying coral reefs in Maui Hawaii