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The Snorkel Store’s mission is to empower Maui enthusiasts to explore the island’s precious beaches and invaluable turtle habitat responsibly.


1. Inform

We provide valuable information on beach and ocean conditions and etiquette so you can feel good about snorkeling with turtles from the shore in Maui.

  • Maui Snorkel Report: Sign-up for our daily Maui Snorkel Report now to get up-to-date beach and ocean conditions each morning.  
  • Ocean Safety:  We’ll create a personalized beach map for your party based on conditions during your trip. Knowing exactly where to go is your first step to both fun and safety.
  • Reef and turtle etiquette:  During your custom-fitting, The Snorkel Store’s Turtle Team will guide with best practices for snorkeling with green sea turtles. 
  • Turtle-Safe sunscreen:  The Snorkel Store promotes reef-safe, turtle-safe, mineral based sunscreen, exclusively.

Turtle swimming in the Maui Ocean

2. Protect

The Snorkel Store partners with Maui Ocean Center’s Marine Institute to preserve Maui’s turtle habitat for generations.  

  • MOC Marine Institute works to ensure the survival of sea turtles in Hawaii through science-based conservation efforts, education and outreach.
  • Adopt A Turtle:  Symbolically adopt a turtle today and receive a bundle of awesome gifts including a traditional wooden Hawaiian cutlery set and 2 high-quality bamboo drinking straws!

  • Donate Today: For as little as $10 you can make a huge difference in Maui. Donate to turtle preservation today. It’s the right thing to do and it feels fantastic!
Adopt A Turtle Today!


Baby Turtle on Maui Hawaii

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3. Reduce

Ditch the “disposable goods” mindset. Save the planet one rental at a time.

  • Rent instead of buy:  Reserve quality dry-mouth snorkel rentals to reduce disposable plastics in Maui. Cheaply made snorkels from the convenience store or the internet end up in landfills
  • Reduce styrofoam:  Floatation “noodles” and styrofoam coolers create unnecessary waste on Maui’s beaches. Rent sturdy, reusable beach coolers and top-quality float belts (we call them turtle cruisers) to reduce waste.
  • Laminated Fish ID Card:  Your snorkel rental includes a hard-laminated Hawaiian Fish ID Card you can take to the beach. Reduce paper products. Invest in quality. 
  • Pack it out!  Our snorkel rentals come in a well-made backpack tote featuring a large velcro  pouch for packing out debris.

Deluxe Maui Snorkel Rentals Maui Hawaii

Being Good Is Having Fun

Deep down, nothing is more fun than doing the right thing.

We invite you to join The Snorkel Store’s mission to preserve Maui’s beaches and turtle habitat. Join the tribe. It’s a lot of fun.

Family relaxing on a Maui Beach In Hawaii

Our Turtle Team

The Snorkel Store’s Turtle Team is 100% committed to creating fun experiences on Maui’s beaches.

Connect with our Turtle Team  before, during or after your Maui trip. We’re your local friend on the island.

Mahalo nui loa (Thank you very much)!


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