Your Reviews Mean The World To Us

The Snorkel Store is a new kind of Maui business that’s based solely on customer service.

Your reviews determine what we do, how we behave, and even what products we decide to offer in the store.

Here are a few examples of what we’ve learned from your recent reviews:

We’re recognizing your faces—more and more often.

The Maui Snorkel Report is the bomb!

A custom-fit can be a life changer.

Nancy B – Roseville, California – Trip Advisor

The resorts are usually overpriced.

It’s good to be a triple-threat.

You like being able to book activities with us.

spoobon – Madison, Wisconsin – Trip Advisor

Reserving online saves you time and money.

A free boogie board never hurts!

Time share meetings can be annoying.

Tracie W. – Maple Ridge Canada – Trip Advisor

The Snorkel Report = Easy to choose your favorite beach.

Social18092 – Fountain Valley, California – Trip Advisor

 The Shave Ice Spot makes a “wicked” shave ice.

A free, custom beach map makes all the difference.

And above all: Kindness matters!

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