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Snorkel in the perfect position to see turtles.

The Maui Snorkel Combo—our most popular snorkel package—pairs our signature Maui Snorkel Rental with a float belt (turtle cruiser) or any beach item of your choice.

Maui Snorkel Rental + Plus

  • The “Combo” features our Maui Snorkel Rental package + plus any beach item. Your choices include:  a Tommy Bahama beach chair, float belt, cooler, bogie board or beach umbrella.
  • Swap your beach item once during your trip at no extra cost
  • Save money with The Combo versus renting a la carte

“Dry Mouth” Snorkel

  • Keeps water out of your mouth 2 different ways: by purging water at the top of the snorkel and at the mouthpiece
  • A gentle blow clears water at mouth
  • Competitors charge more for a dry-mouth snorkel

Silicone Mask

  • Silicone is ultra-soft
  • Seals securely to your face keeping water out
  • Cheaper masks are made from rubber or vinyl

Malaysian Rubber Fins

  • Quality Malaysian Rubber fins form seamlessly to your foot
  • Fins that fit correctly create confidence in the water
  • Malaysian Rubber is soft and comfortable
  • Get custom fit with the largest range of sizes in Maui:  from size 8 jr. all the way up to 15 double wide

Hands Free Backpack Tote

  • Go “hands free to the beach” with the snorkel set that’s easy to carry
  • Bring the cooler and your purse without fumbling around with snorkel gear
  • Hold hands with your kids instead of lugging gear

WEB RATES: These 2-For-1 rates are online only. To secure these online rates in our physical store, fill out the coupon on our home page.

Special Offer

Book 2 or more snorkel sets online now and get a free boogie board or Tommy Bahama beach chair for the same time period. One freebie per group. Just write which item you want in the “notes” section at checkout!

The Fixins’: Your Extras For The Beach

  • Free mask defogger: $5 value in the store
  • Custom-fitting for the entire family: Comfortable gear makes all the difference in the water
  • Snorkel and Beaches Map: Learn all the best snorkel spots, free parking and tips
  • Laminated Hawaiian Fish ID Card: Explore Maui’s colorful fish and sea turtles
  • Daily Maui Snorkel Report: Know where to go (and where not to go) to snorkel every day

Pick Up And Drop Off AT Either location

Conveniently located in both Ka’anapali and Kihei. Get a full refund, no questions asked, if you ever need to cancel a rental booking.

What is a dry-mouth snorkel? Learn more in this 1-minute video:

Pro tip:  In the video Daniel says “Don’t smile” while you’re snorkeling because the seal of your mask could shift and allow water inside.

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