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Saturday, May 27 2023

the skinny

Beautiful Maui Beach day with blue skies & lighter winds!

Northwest: 8.5

Crystal clear, calm water inside both Honolua Bay & Kapalua Bay. The waves are up slightly on some beaches in the Zone. Currents remain strong in deeper water & outside of the bays.

Sunny skies with passing clouds & maybe isolated showers sometime. Winds are much more calm today, although it will become a bit breezy this afternoon.

Ka’anapali: 9.0

Incredibly calm & clear conditions along the south face of Black Rock & Kahekili Beach today. As always, the currents are strong out past the rock tip & in deeper water.

Sunny skies & light winds are expected all day. It’s not likely but it is still possible that winds pick up & clouds form at some point. There are surging waves occasionally.

South Shore: 8.0

Beautiful day with light winds & sunshine expected. The south ends of the Kamaole Beaches, north end of Ulua Beach & Makena Landing are looking great.

There is a small south swell, but it’s missing most beaches. Waves aren’t huge, however they are kind of powerful in areas. Just keep an eye out for occasional slightly larger waves to avoid. Winds may pick up later.

Friday, May 26 2023

the skinny

Happy Aloha Friday on Maui! The more wind protected areas have the nicest snorkeling today.

Northwest: 7.0

Visibility is crystal clear inside of the bays. Calm ocean surface inside Kapalua Bay & Honolua Bay. There’s a fine line further out from shore where currents become extremely strong.

Mostly sunny with scattered showers. Winds are gusting over 20 mph causing super rough seas outside of the bays. Wind waves picking up in areas.

Ka’anapali: 7.5

The south face of Black Rock should remain fantastic all day by providing excellent wind protection. Currents are very strong out past the rock tip. Kahekili is also great, however winds may become too strong. Currents are strong further out already.

Clear skies are expected through the morning. Clouds may blow down of the mountain bringing scattered showers.

South Shore: 6.0

Although not huge, waves are just big enough to affect snorkeling in areas. They can be powerful at times. The north end of Ulua Beach & Makena Landing are still looking good & have the smallest waves.

Blue skies and calm wind this morning in south Kihei & Wailea. Strong winds are expected this afternoon will most likely cause wind waves & very strong currents.

Thursday, May 25 2023

the skinny

Snorkeling on Maui is set to be wonderful today! Ulua Beach and Charley Young are looking particularly good with Black Rock and Kapalua being great as well.

Northwest: 7.0

Clear and calm water is expected at Kapalua and Honolua Bay. Cloud cover can reduce visibility at times and a bit of water is moving at Napili Bay to be aware of..

Partly cloudy skies have rolled into the Northwest Zone with scattered showers found throughout. Medium, turning strong winds should blow over the course of the day.

Ka’anapali: 7.5

Kahekili Beach Park and Black Rock are looking great for snorkeling in Ka’anapali. There is a bit of a current to be mindful of and increasing winds may cause some waves later in the day.

The Ka’anapali zone will host mostly sunny skies with winds in the medium strength range reaching 25 mph at times. Scattered showers may be found as well today.

South Shore: 8.5

Great snorkeling should be found at Ulua Beach, Kamaole 1-3, and Charley Young. Mile Marker 14 is set to be great as well with calm and clear water.

Sunny skies are expected in the South Shore today. Not much wind today but a gently breeze can flow at times.

Wednesday, May 24 2023

The skinny

Amazing snorkeling conditions across Maui today! Black Rock, Kapalua, and Charley Young are set to be wonderful!

Northwest: 8.0

Crystal clear water is expected at Kapalua and Honolua Bay. Small waves are crashing over the reef at Napili Bay but snorkeling conditions should be awesome.

The Northwest Zone should host partly sunny skies today with a chance of scattered showers in the afternoon. Be aware of strong winds with gusts reaching 32mph.

Ka’anapali: 8.5

Great snorkeling can be found at Kahekili Beach Park and Black Rock today. The winds may cause some wind waves and the current can be a bit strong further away from store.

Mostly sunny skies will radiate over the Ka’anapali Zone today although there is a small chance of afternoon scattered showers. Keep an eye on your umbrellas today at medium winds can become strong with gusts reaching 33mph.

South Shore: 7.0

Charley Young, Mile Marker 14, and the Kamaole Beaches seem nice today. Snorkeling conditions look good across the South Shore but there is a small shore break to be mindful of along with a notable current.

Cloud cover may overtake the sunny skies in the South Shore today but there should be plenty of sun to go around. Light winds will allow for a pleasant breeze as you enjoy the beach.

Tuesday, May 23 2023

the skinny

It’s a beautiful day on Maui for snorkeling & relaxing on the beach. Nice breezy winds may become too strong for umbrellas in areas.

Northwest: 8.5

Visibility is amazingly clear throughout the Zone. Honolua Bay & Kapalua Bay are both calm. Strong winds are causing super strong currents & rough seas further out from shore, outside of the bays.

It should stay mostly sunny although isolated showers are expected off & on. Winds are gusting around 30 mph.

Ka’anapali: 9.0

Visibility is super clear & the waves are pretty small along most of the shoreline. Kahekili Beach & Black Rock are amazing. The south face of Black Rock will have a sweet area of calm all day. Winds may affect Kahekili later.

Sunshine is expected although winds may occasionally blow clouds & isolated showers down off the mountains. As usual, the currents are strong further out in deeper water.

South Shore: 7.0

The south ends of the Kamaole Beaches, north end of Ulua Beach & Makena Landing are particularly nice this morning. The waves have picked up a bit more & can be powerful at times. Take care to avoid them.

Lots of sunshine today! Calm wind this morning. Strong winds are expected this afternoon and will probably create wind waves & rough seas.

Monday, May 22 2023

the skinny

Maui has crystal clear visibility in areas of all three Snorkel Zones today. Winds will likely become too strong for umbrellas today.

Northwest: 8.0

Visibility is crystal clear inside of the bays. Kapalua Bay & Honolua are really nice. Strong winds are creating super rough seas & extreme currents further out from shore & outside of the bays.

Mostly sunny with passing scattered showers at times. Winds are very strong, gusting around 30 mph, which is too strong for umbrellas.

Ka’anapali: 8.5

Incredibly clear visibility along Kahekili & Black Rock. Currents are very strong in deeper water further out from shore. The south face of Black Rock should provide excellent wind protection all day.

Sunshine is expected all day with clouds blowing off the mountains from time to time. Winds will probably affect Kahekili at some point.

South Shore: 7.5

Beautiful sunny skies & light winds this morning. The waves are not necessarily big but have picked up just enough kick up some sand. The south ends of the Kamaole Beaches, Ulua Beach & Makena Landing are looking really nice this morning.

Increasing winds will most likely cause rough seas & wind waves this afternoon. Keep an eye out for occasionally lager waves throughout the day.

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