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Thursday, June 6  2019

The Skinny

We’ve got a weird one today: Dark overhead clouds matched with some of the most epic snorkeling conditions in months. 

Maui’s a little moody this morning but you won’t find better underwater visibility or calmer ocean conditions for a while. It’s absolutely beautiful out there in all 3 Maui zones for snorkeling! The wind is also going to remain calm all day, so if it doesn’t rain, you’ll get those extra hours for snorkeling.

It’s also possible that it will rain a bit later. If this is the case, please avoid patches of murky water (rain run-off) in the ocean. You’ll also find periods of sunshine today at the beach, especially near Black Rock and Kahekili. For the first time in a while, Makena Landing is looking nice as well. 

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Wednesday, June 5  2019

the skinny

Maui is looking great for snorkeling this morning. Waves have pretty much disappeared. This afternoon we’re expecting some clouds and rain.

This AM is looking pretty magical for snorkeling in all 3 Maui Zones. Wind is light, the ocean is calm and underwater visibility is excellent. Some time this afternoon it looks like some rain clouds will roll in—particularly in North West Zone and down near Makena.

We’ll have normal trade winds this afternoon but some gusts could chop things up in the ocean a bit. Basically, our advice for today is to head out early to get a good amount of time to snorkel with turtles! 

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