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Take the guesswork out of your Maui beach day.

The Maui Beach Bundle gives you everything you’ll need to enjoy the island’s world-famous, tropical shoreline in style and comfort. Mix, match and swap your bundle items during your trip!

Swap Bundle Items

The Maui Beach Bundle is 2 snorkel sets plus 5 rental items of your choice. Select from boogie boards, beach chairs, umbrellas, coolers or float belts to create your perfect bundle. You can also swap out your beach items once during your Maui trip at no extra cost!

The Traditional Bundle

Traditionally the Maui Beach Bundle comes with 2 snorkel sets, 2 boogie boards, 2 beach chairs and a beach umbrella. Mix and match your beach items from the list above to build the perfect bundle for your vacation in Maui.

2 Dry-Mouth Snorkel Sets

In the Maui Beach Bundle you’ll get 2 Dry-Mouth Snorkels, 2 silicone masks, and 2 sets of Malaysian rubber fins in backpack totes that let you go “hands free to the beach.” Quality snorkel gear means more time in the water and custom comfort all day long.

2 Beach Chairs

A quality beach chair is one of the secrets to success in Maui. These Tommy Bahama chairs are stable, durable, comfortable, adjustable, and they have a cooler built into their backs.

2 Body Boards

Ride the waves, or float over the warm tropical Pacific with 2 top quality body boards. Whether snorkeling, surfing, or chilling, this rental adds adventure to any relaxing day at the beach!

1 Beach Umbrella

The Tommy Bahama umbrella offers incredible coverage thanks to its 7-foot-wide canopy. It has clever features and traditional, market-style construction that’s extremely sturdy and won’t bow or bend. Use the fold-down handles to screw the base securely into the sand, clip in the umbrella and tilt the canopy to your liking. Rated SPF 100+ for sun protection, it’s the ultimate in all-day relaxing.

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Pick Up And Drop Off AT Either location

Conveniently located in both Ka’anapali and Kihei. Get a full refund, no questions asked, if you ever need to cancel a rental booking.

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