Peace Of Mind In Maui

You demand to the highest level of cleanliness so you can snorkel with confidence.

We completely agree. And we’ve got you covered.

The Snorkel Store is committed to the highest standards of cleanliness—including triple sanitization.

Cleaning gear for deluxe snorkel sets at The Snorkel Store Maui Hawaii

3 different cleaning agents

Each of our rentals is sanitized with 3 different cleaning agents in stainless steel, restaurant-grade sinks.

Other shops toss snorkels into a bucket of bleach water and call it a day. Yikes!

Here’s what we use:

  • Cleaner 1: Dish soap
  • Cleaner 2: Simple Green
  • Cleaner 3: Food service sanitizer


Sinks for cleaning snorkel rentals at The Snorkel Store Maui Hawaii

Now You’re Turtle Ready

Maui is all about relaxing at the beach and snorkel with turtles.

The Snorkel Store is committed to getting you to the beach quickly and safely, with sparkling clean gear—every time.

Reserve online today to get Turtle Ready in Maui.

View of Kapalua Bay Maui Hawaii