A Snorkel Tour Or Dinner Cruise Can Double As A Whale Watch

You don’t have far to look to see a humpback whale thwacking its massive tail, or poking its rostrum (head) through the ocean’s surface in Maui. During the winter season,

From December to May you’ll see the world’s largest mammal on almost any boat tour.

Since whales are so prevalent during winter in Maui, we recommend booking a snorkel tour or dinner cruise early in your vacation, and note how many whales you see. If your first trip only whets your whistle for whales, you can book a dedicated whale watch later in the vacation.


Booking a snorkel tour or dinner cruise early in your vacation has the potential to save you a boatload of money. It may also open up a spot in your vacation itinerary for something new and fun, like learning to surf or riding a zipline.


For many travelers, sipping Mai Tai’s on a dinner cruise, or motoring out to the island of Lana’i, will provide all the whale sightings you’re looking for. For this type of traveler, a dinner cruise or snorkel tour will feel like a 2-for1 discount:  the whale watch is thrown in for free.


If your heart is set on a tour dedicated exclusively to interacting with whales, we don’t blame you! Maui is one of the best places in the world create an intimate experience with a majestic humpback whale.  Fortunately, there are many whale watch tours in Maui, and each of these boat tours guarantees you’ll see whales on your excursion.


Whether you are pursuing an eye to eye encounters with humpback whale, or if you’re casually curious about the gentle giants, booking a snorkel tour or dinner cruise early in your trip puts you in an excellent position to see whales, and save money.

Unless you are hold up in your hotel room, playing cards and watching television during your vacation, you’ll likely have a memorable experience with a whale on your Maui vacation. By learning about how interested you are in whale watching early in your trip, you’ll have a better idea what activities you’d like to schedule later in your vacation.

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