Snorkeling With Turtles

Snorkeling with green sea turtles is one of the best ways to create memories on your Maui vacation. But you’ve got to know where to go.

Animated picture of a turtle and coral reef

Follow these simple steps to ensure you get to snorkel with turtles on your Maui trip:

  1. Get The Good Stuff:  Comfortable gear makes all the difference in the water. Reserve quality, custom-fit snorkel gear in advance so you can hit the beach as soon as you arrive in Maui.
  2. Know Where To Go:  Each visitor will receive a free customized beach map and daily Maui Snorkel Report so you’ll know exactly which beach is best each day of your vacation.
  3. Use Your Ohana Perks:  Our Customer Care Team are experts on Maui’s world-famous beaches. Take advantage of freebies such as downloadable Maui Guides and our personal concierge service.

Here’s What You’ll Experience

In these videos you’ll spy turtles dipping and diving beneath the water, poking their heads above the ocean’s surface, and snacking on algae on Maui’s coral reef.

Each adventure is as unique as the individual turtle. Here are some of our favorites!

1. Cute Small Turtle Breathes At The Surface


  • Small, playful turtle enjoying a relaxing “walkabout”
  • Location: Honokeana Cove
  • .05 Grabbing breaths of air at the ocean’s surface
  • 1:02 Diving deep beneath the surface
  • Video Credit: Alan Crosthwait

2. Tropical Fish Snacking Algae From Turtle’s Shell


  • This Maui turtle has a few friends along for the ride
  • Location: Maui (Unknown)
  • Short 10 Second video: Munch, munch, munch…
  • Video Credit: @the_salty_stoke Instagram

3. Active Turtle’s Beautiful Mosaic Shell


  • An incredibly clear view of this turtle’s decorative shell. Full of energy, she grabs a breath then plummets toward the coral reef. 
  • Location: Napili Bay
  • .01 A clear view of this turtle’s colorful, stained-glass mosaic shell
  • .10 Bee-line dive toward the coral reef
  • Video credit: Alan Crosthwait

4. Turtle Joins Her Friends At Mala Pier


  • The dark, mysterious underwater oceanscape of Mala Pier. A single turtle swims beneath the architecture to find her friends.
  • Location: Mala Pier
  • .01 Pretty, colorful shell
  • .12 Schools of tropical fish
  • .20 All 3 turtles meet beneath the pier
  • Video credit: @julessdvx Instagram

5. Grabbing A Snack From Maui’s Coral Reef


  • Circle of life: Turtle eats algae off coral reef, fish eats algae off turtle, snorkeler enjoys it all
  • Location: Napili Bay
  • .25 Second snorkeler spies turtle
  • Video credit: Alan Crosthwait

6. 360 Spin At Black Rock


  • The swirling underwater current at Black Rock spins this turtle in a circle.
  • Location: Black Rock
  • .03 Full-spin
  • Video credit: @lauren.kathleen.4 Instagram

7. Snorkeling Above A Turtle


  • Floating above a turtle allows you to take long look at their patterned shell
  • Location: Honokeana Cove
  • .27 Good view of the turtle’s shell
  • Video credit: Alan Crosthwait

8. Eye To Eye With A Maui Turtle


  • Floating above a turtle allows you to take long look at their patterned shell
  • Location: Black Rock
  • .03 Hello Maui turtle!
  • Video credit: @simplyadorned4u

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