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Haleakala now requires a reservation. Please connect with Haleakala National Park Service to get set up. 


Haleakala, which means “House of the Sun,” is one of the world’s most massive dormant volcanoes, with a crater so vast, the entire island of Manhattan could fit easily within its depression.

The Snorkel Store Maui Haleakala

Haleakala Crater

Peaking out above the clouds at over 10,000 ft., the summit terrain is so fantastic and ethereal that you might just think you’ve landed on another planet!

The Snorkel Store Maui Haleakala

The Drive

Getting to the summit is an inspiring experience because you’ll transition through a series of beautifully distinct ecosystems.

When folks are daydream about Maui back on the mainland, they usually envision sunbathing and snorkeling along the the sun-kissed beaches of Ka’anapali and Wailea.

On the two hour drive from Haleakala’s base to its summit you’ll pass through as many unique climate zones as you would driving from Mexico to Canada.

On occasion, the summit even receives a light blanket of snow!

The Snorkel Store Maui Haleakala

From base to summit, you’ll zig and zag through lowlands, dry forests, mid-level woodlands, sub-alpine shrublands, and cinder high deserts.

Science City

The summit’s high elevation, ideal atmospheric conditions, and absence of light pollution make Haleakala one of the world’s top spots for astrophysical research.

Experts from every corner of the earth flock to “Science City,” perched high on the summit, to conduct research on rockets, satellites, lasers, and celestial bodies.

The Snorkel Store Maui Haleakala

Science City On Haleakala

The Snorkel Store Maui Haleakala

World-renowned scientists aren’t the only ones flocking to Haleakala. People from every corner of the earth come to experience the volcano’s world-famous sunrises, diverse ecology.

The Snorkel Store Maui Haleakala

With activities such as exhilarating sunrise bicycle trips, hiking excursions, and Maui ziplining adventures available along its beautiful slopes, there are scores of unique and rewarding ways to partake in the majesty of Haleakala.

Bicycle Tours

A bicycle tour down Haleakala has become a right-of-passage for enthusiasts of the dormant volcano.

There are many ways to experience the majesty of this mountain, but biking Haleakala allows you to soak up the scenery and interact with the landscape in a way a helicopter tour or van ride simply can’t match.

the snorkel store haleakala bicycle 7

Guided Haleakala Sunrise Tours

Experiencing Haleakala’s sunrise should be at the top the list for anyone’s list who is visiting Maui.

One of the most exciting ways to see this breathtaking spectacle is on a Haleakala sunrise bicycle tour, which explains why it’s a popular option.

Not only will you witness an unforgettable sunrise, but you’ll also see Haleakala’s fascinating diversity when you navigate the gentle switchbacks on your journey down its slopes.

The Snorkel Store Maui Haleakala

On a guided bicycle tour of Haleakala your party will join a larger group. You’ll have a  friendly, knowledgeable guide will be your group’s “lead cyclist.”

Along the journey your guide will inform you about Haleakala’s geography, ecology, and flora and fauna. The trip is accessible and enjoyable, and you’ll discover fascinating details about Hawaii in the process.

the snorkel store haleakala maui

You don’t have to be skilled or “athletic” to participate in a bicycle tour. If you can ride a bike, you’re ready for the trip down Haleakala.

The guides are knowledgeable, and the bicycles have high quality brakes and comfy seats, making this a safe and fun activity for the entire family.

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Self-Guided Haleakala Sunrise Tours

Some companies offer self-guided sunrise tours, permitting folks to see the majestic sunrise and then bike down Haleakala on their own.

Unlike the guided tours, you won’t be cycling within a group, so you can cruise at your own pace and take breaks whenever you please.

The Snorkel Store Maui Haleakala

Self-Guided Bicycle Tour

If you like the idea of creating your own adventure, this may be the best option for you.

Of the two companies that offer this option, we prefer Maui Sunriders. They provide high-quality mountain bikes (equipped with powerful disc brakes and comfy seats), a helmet, rain and wind gear, a map, a bike lock, and a backpack for all your things—everything you need to ensure a safe and exciting adventure

the snorkel store bike van haleakala 2

Mid-day Tours

If you’d like to bike down Haleakala but prefer to do it a little later in the day, some companies give you the option of a later start.

Although you won’t see the splendid sunrise, you’ll still enjoy the thrill of cycling down the mountain!

The Snorkel Store Haleakala

Paia or Hotel Pick-Up

Another consideration is whether you prefer being picked up at your hotel or meeting in the charming North Shore town of Paia.

Since companies usually only offer one or the other, you’ll need to figure out which you prefer and book accordingly.

The Snorkel Store Maui Paia

Paia Town, Maui

A Few Considerations

Here are a few things to keep in mind when planning a Haleakala bicycle tour:

  • Be aware that all bicycle tours begin at an elevation of 6,500 ft, not at the 10,023 ft. summit. This is a park rule. So when you go on a sunrise bicycle tour, you will be driven to the summit to view sunrise, but you will then be driven down to the designated starting point for bicycle tours at an elevation of 6,500 ft.
  • Descending from 6,500 ft. to sea level is still a LOT! It’s about 27 miles of road, and it usually takes 90-120 minutes.
  • Temperatures at sea level are very different from those at the summit, so it’s always a good idea to dress in layers. Also, keep in mind that temperatures during a sunrise tour are going to be much cooler than temperatures during a mid-day excursion.
  • You should feel comfortable riding a bicycle. You needn’t be a pro, but some experience is obviously required.
  • The air at the summit of Haleakala is quite thin. If you have any preexisting conditions that could be affected by this, you may want to consider a different activity.
  • Tour operators have minimum age limits which vary from company to company. Some require riders to be at least 9-years-old, while others require them to be at least 11. You can always inquire when booking.
  • Some companies have maximum weight limits of 300 pounds. Again, you can inquire when booking your reservations.
  • Expectant mothers aren’t permitted to do this activity.   

Tour Providers – van tours

A number of companies offer Haleakala sunrise bicycle tours, but two in particular get our seal of approval: Maui Mountain Cruisers and Maui Sunriders.

the snorkel store Maui-Mountain-Cruisers-5

The same great companies that facilitate the Haleakala bicycle tours provide sunrise van tours, as well. You’ll enjoy the magnificent Haleakala sunrise, but instead of cycling down the mountain afterwards, you’ll cruise down in an air-conditioned van.

Since the drivers double as knowledgeable tour guides, you’ll learn all about Haleakala’s spectacular topography.

Driving on your own

If you decide to drive Haleakala on your own, you’ll need $15 park entrance pass, which is otherwise included in the cost of the guided bicycle tours.

If you’re taking The Road To Hana during your Maui vacation, this parking pass will also work at Seven Sacred Pools (The Pools of Oheo), and the Pipiwaii Trails—two of Hana’s most popular attractions.

The Snorkel Store Maui Haleakala

Haleakala Sunrise

Whether you go to Haleakala as part of a tour, or if you visit on your own, we definitely recommend bundling up with long pants, a warm sweater or jacket, and closed-toed shoes.

Dress in layers, or bring a change of clothes for when the day heats up after the chili morning sunrise.

Helicopter Tours

A Maui helicopter tour includes soaring views of both Haleakala and the entire Hana area, making it another great way to experience Maui.

From volcanic, sand-dusted cinder cones to lush, jungle rainforests, you’ll get a bird’s eye view of Maui’s ever-diverse ecology.

Sunshine Helicopters, Inc.

You’ll be flying in safety and comfort in either an FX-STAR (A-STAR) or a Whisper-STAR (Eco-STAR) touring helicopter. Both luxurious models offer ample seating, large viewing windows, and incredibly smooth rides.

Most of the pilots have decades of flight experience and all of them are highly skilled.

The Snorkel Store Maui Haleakala

Hana by Helicopter

In addition to being exceptional pilots, your friendly, knowledgeable guide will illustrate Maui’s geography and history as you navigate Haleakala and Hana’s breathtaking terrain.

Hiking the Crater

For a more intimate encounter with Haleakala, consider a guided hiking tour through the crater.

These tours are an unforgettable way to traverse the lunar-like terrain while learning all about the native flora and fauna from expert guides. 

the snorkel store haleakala hike

Hiking Haleakala

Though there are a few short hikes of Haleakala you can easily do on your own, most people find that a guided tour is vastly more informative.


For the super adventurous who are interested in camping near the summit, there are a few excellent options: Haleakala’s Drive-up Campground, Wilderness Campground, and Wilderness Cabins.

the snorkel store haleakala camping 1

Keep in mind that temperatures here can drop below freezing, and permits and/or reservations are required in some instances. Please check with the National Park Service for more detailed information.

Haleakala In A Nutshell

Maui offers a wealth of beautiful sights and fun activities, and most visitors who experience Haleakala rank it as one of their favorites.

Whether you decide to take a sunrise bicycle tour, drive yourself, take a helicopter tour, hike the crater, or even camp, we’re confident that it will be one of the highlights of your Maui vacation.

The Snorkel Store Maui Haleakala

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