Don’t Miss Out On Maui

The dream of a Maui vacation is one that we all share. Close your eyes and envision the image of an island palm tree, miles of tropical beaches, and the sunset dipping beyond the glorious Pacific Ocean.

But sometimes planning a Maui vacation can make us forget why we came to Maui in the first place.

With so many options of things to do in Maui—boat tours, ziplines, restaurants, and tours, a vacation can begin to feel as planned out as our regular lives.

The #1 secret to a successful Maui vacation is exploring the island’s stunning, world-famous beaches.


More Beaches Than Any Other Hawaiian Island

Maui has more swimmable beaches than any of the other Hawaiian islands. This means a trip to Maui offers the opportunity to enjoy beautiful, protected bays, small hidden beaches, and expansive stretches of white, tan, red, and black sand beach.

The key to creating an unforgettable Maui vacation is securing the freedom to explore Maui’s beaches on your own.

Free Beach Map and a beach bundle

Every Maui visitor who stops into The Snorkel Store in the store gets a free, customized beach map based on the weather conditions during your stay. With this beach map you can circle the island like a local—checking out new beach any time you get the urge.

Enjoying a couple tours on Maui is great, but over-scheduling a Maui trip can bring on a few of the following problems:

  • Long lines
  • Crowded boats
  • Having to be somewhere at a specific time
  • Not getting to sleep in
  • High prices

freedom on maui

Create a Maui vacation that’s filled with relaxation, snorkeling with turtles, sunsets, and adventure by planning your trip around Maui’s incredible beaches.

Grab a Maui Beach Bundle—with sturdy beach chairs, an umbrella, boogie boards, and non-thinking snorkel sets—so you can jump in the car and experience the majesty of Maui any time you want.

When you center your trip around Maui’s beaches the island will reveal its secrets to you all week long.

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