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Every winter in Maui, the world’s largest mammals and the world’s proudest (that’s us), gather together to check each other out.  The outcome is usually stunning, often hilarious, and always spectacular.  Here are our Snorky picks for the best 15 second whalewatch videos uploaded to Instagram in 2015.

#7 – Best Whale Jump

We’re always shocked at how big these whales are when they get out of the water.

A video posted by Randy Brown (@randy_brown) on


 #6 – Best look at a whale

It’s not every day you get to stare at a whale for this long…

A video posted by Logan Marks (@djlogomatic) on



 #5 – Best leviathan

Some videos make you want to use the term “leviathan”.

A video posted by Kara Bernal (@mauinspired) on



 #4 – Best blow

Blowing is one of the central expressions of a whale.  Let’s just say, this is a good one.

A video posted by @melissacolls on



 #3 – Best “scary” moment

This video could also be called “Best Tail Slap”.

A video posted by Rochelle (@rochelleht) on



 #2 – Best synchronized swim

They practiced this for weeks.

A video posted by Ren Alber (@ren_alber_foto) on



 #1 – And the snorky for best video, 2015 goes to:  The Tip of The Iceberg Whale

This guy dipped his head in the ocean and got the GoPro shot of a lifetime.  Congratulations!

A video posted by Zoli (@repuloli) on

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