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A quality dry mouth snorkel makes all the difference in the water! Get water out of your mouth 2 different ways with the mouthpiece that will make your snorkeling experience as effortless as it is unforgettable.

  • This dry mouth snorkel purges water up top of the snorkel, as well as down by the mouth
  • A light “blow” will clear clear water instantly
  • Explore an underwater universe of tropical fish and green sea turtles with the best dry snorkel on the market
  • Get custom-fit with the correct dry mouth snorkel
  • A dry mouth snorkel is an inexpensive way to boost your comfort in the water!
WEB ONLY RATES: These discounted 2-FOR-1 rates are only available if you reserve in advance and pre-pay on www.thesnorkelstore.com

Get a full refund, no questions asked, any time you need to cancel a reservation.

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