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Explore Maui’s underwater sea life with clarity of vision. Choose from the largest selection prescription of RX Masks on the island. Prescriptions available for both nearsighted and farsighted snorkelers.

RX masks are available on a first-come first-served basis in our physical stores in Maui. Please give our Customer Care Team a call at 808-669-1077 for inquiries.

What To Expect

  • Our knowledgeable staff is accustomed to fitting RX masks
  • Choose from the largest selection of prescriptions masks on Maui
  • Prescriptions available range from -1.5 to -7.0 with limited plus offerings
  • Get custom-fit with a high quality prescription snorkel mask that fits comfortably
  • The Snorkel Store offers the best prices for prescription masks in Maui

Pricing For RX Mask

  • Pay for your your RX Mask rental once you get to Maui.
  • 1-Day Rental: $10.00 In-Store
  • 2-Day Rental: $15.00 In-Store
  • 3-7 Day Rental: $25.00 In-Store
  • 10-Day Rental: $30.00 In-Store
  • 14-Day Rental: $35.00 In-Store

Pricing For RX Maui Snorkel Set

  • RX Maui Snorkel Rental includes: Prescription soft silicone mask, Malaysian rubber fins, dry-mouth snorkel, defogger and snorkel map, all contained in an easy to use backpack tote
  •  Reserve your Maui Snorkel Rental now. Upgrade to RX in-store.
  • 1 Day Rental: $12.50 now + $5.00 RX In-Store
  • 2 Day Rental: $25.00 now + $5.00 RX In-Store
  • 3-7 Day Rental: $35.00 now + $10.00 RX In-Store
  • 10-Day Rental: $40.00 now + $10.00 RX In-Store
  • 14-Day Rental: $50.00 now + $10.00 RX In-Store

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