Here’s The Scoop

The Snorkel Store’s staff includes a few expert watermen who have lived in Hawaii for most of their lives.

Each morning these free-divers connect with their local community to observe the day’s ocean conditions.

After analyzing the oceanscape they cross-reference their predictions with websites related to weather in Maui. Finally, we compile this information into a graphic that’s intended to be simple to read, and easy to digest.

What We Are Not

The Maui Snorkel Report is a prediction of the day’s weather as it’s related to snorkeling in Maui. It is by no means a scientific report.

Snorkeling always has the potential to be dangerous. Waves can appear quickly and intensely with unexpected consequences. Every time you get into Maui’s ocean waters you should be mindful of your own personal safety.

You are always entering the water at your own risk, even when our report predicts conditions will be gentle where you are snorkeling.

The intention of the Maui Snorkel Report is to offer folks some general suggestions of where the best odds might be to have a good time snorkeling in Maui. Please take the report with a grain of salt, and keep two eyes on your safety at all times.


The Snorkel Store Customer Care Team