The Most Convenient Beach In Maui

Boasting a huge covered gazebo, an expansive grass lawn, and tons of free parking, Airport Beach (Kahekili) may be West Maui’s most reliable beach destination.

Airport Assets:

  • Near Ka’anapali Beach and Black Rock
  • One of Maui’s largest stretches of sandy beach
  • Plenty of spaces to park for free—easy access
  • Robust facilities including grills, tables, showers and restrooms
  • Excellent reef for snorkeling
  • A parklike grassy lawn
  • Dependable Maui fun

–>> Google Maps Directions to Airport Beach

Airport Beach - Kahekili Beach Park Aerial View

Your Back Pocket Beach

Unlike majestic Ka’anapali Beach to the south and idyllic Kapalua Bay to the North—which consistently take top rankings in “America’s Best Beach” competitions— Airport Beach can sometimes fly under the radar in Maui.

Instead of showing off with fancy awards, Airport Beach offers robust amenities and unparalleled access to the ocean that will enhance any Maui beach day.

Kahekili’s low profile and excellent facilities make it one of our most solid recommendations for your vacation itinerary.

Gazebo at Kahekili beach Park - Airport Beach

Easy Peezy Parking

On a Maui trip, the walk from your car to the beach can be as important as the drive from your hotel.

With kids in tow, snorkels and coolers to haul and Google Maps pulled up on your smart-phone, a short walk to the beach is appreciated.

Unfortunately, some of Maui’s most popular beaches make parking a little bit tricky.

  • Napili Bay: Only offers street parking with a long walk to the beach
  • Ka’anapali Beach: Mostly paid parking unless you’re staying at the resorts
  • Kapalua Bay: Confusing public parking between expensive private lots

Kapalua, Napili and Ka’anapali are incredibly beautiful,  but you might have to work a bit before you can dip your toes into the sand.

View of Kahekili Beach Park from the beach

Airport Beach makes visiting the beach in Maui a cinch.

A parking lot peppered with open spots for your car; a grass lawn waiting to accept your coolers and beach chairs; and a parklike atmosphere with grills, tables and space to run around. Airport is a “go-to” beach for locals and vacationers alike.

View of grass at Kahekili Beach Park - Airport Beach

Something For Everyone

Most Maui beaches are known for one thing or another—sunsets, snorkeling or boogie boarding—but few are as versatile as Airport Beach.

With a large covered gazebo, sandy beach, and expansive grass lawn, Airport Beach has something that each person in your party will enjoy. Airport is excellent for:

  • Sunbathing and relaxing
  • Snorkeling with turtles close to shore
  • Dining beneath the covered gazebo
  • Playing frisbee or bocci ball
  • Easy clean up with showers and restrooms
  • Parties with large groups
  • Back and forth access to your car
  • Centrally located in West Maui

Turtle Swimming

Check The Snorkel Report Before You Go

Airport Beach delivers the goods for a relaxing Maui beach day, but you’ll want to check the Maui Snorkel Report before heading out.

Located on the exposed side of Black Rock, Airport won’t be your best choice on particularly windy Maui days.

When the winds are up in Maui, a protected bay such as Napili Bay, Kapalua Bay or Black Rock are a better choice.

Fortunately, The Snorkel Store has you covered. Get the Maui Snorkel Report in your inbox, or on Instagram, every morning of your trip!

Person Snorkeling in Maui with Underwater Camera

Why’s It Called Airport Beach?

There’s currently a small airport in Kapalua, on the hill above Highway 30. But back in the 1960’s, Kahekili Beach (Airport Beach) was the only place you could land a plane on Maui’s west side!

By the early 1970’s Maui’s planners began reimagined “Airport Beach” as a destination for ocean recreation.

Aerial View of Kahekili Beach Park

They approved commercial development with special rules to protect Airport Beach. The recreation facilities and expansive spaces we enjoy today at Kahekili Beach Park are a result of this civic project.

Take Away

With more swimmable beaches than any other Hawaiian island, you’ve got a ton of choices in Maui. But many of Maui’s most popular beaches require some energy to access.

Airport Beach, with its robust amenities and easy parking, is a great beach to keep in your back pocket during your Maui trip.

Whether you’re snorkeling, grilling, relaxing, or celebrating, Airport is a reliable choice for your Maui beach day.

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