Banned Ingredients

Here’s the stuff you want to stay away from while snorkeling in Maui.

No Oxybenzone!

No Octinoxate!

No Avobenzone!

No Octocrylene!

No Sunscreen with Oxybenzone

Approved Ingredients

At The Snorkel Store we support wearing reef safe, turtle safe, mineral based sunscreen made from:

  1. Zinc Oxide
  2. Titanium Oxide

Thank you for protecting the turtles, the reef—and yourselves!

sun protection tips

  • Reapply sunscreen throughout the day.
  • Wear a sunshirt and a beach hat.
  • Relax beneath an umbrella.
  • Drink plenty of water!

You can learn more about about Hawaii’s ban on harmful chemicals in sunscreen at this link.