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Pursue relaxation and adventure with the Maui beach package that builds memories! Get your quality SUP delivered to you with an easy-to-use roof rack so you can explore Maui like a local. Take the fuss out of your Maui beach experience—get everything you want delivered to your door.

1 Stand Up Paddle Board

Quality and convenience come together with our SUP rental program. Get your stand-up paddle board and paddle delivered to you along with a roof rack for your rental car! When you’re ready, we’ll come pick it up. There so many great SUP beaches in Maui and now you can explore them all. Get some exercise, sit down on your board, or simply paddle around Maui’s world famous coastline. This is how you ensure an unforgettable vacation!

2 Complete Snorkel Sets

Get 2 Dry Mouth Snorkels, Silicone masks, and Malaysian Rubber Fins, in a backpack tote that lets you go “hands free to the beach”! Quality snorkel gear means more time in the water, and custom comfort all day long.

2 Body Boards

Ride the waves, or float over the warm tropical Pacific with 2 top quality body boards. Whether snorkeling, surfing, or chilling, this rental puts the adventure into any relaxing day at the beach!

2 Beach Chairs

A quality beach chair is one of the secrets to success in Maui. These quality,Tommy Bahama chairs are stable, durable, comfortable, adjustable, and they have a cooler built into their backs!

1 Beach Umbrella

Relaxing at the beach just got a shade cooler! The Tommy Bahama umbrella offers incredible coverage thanks to its 7-foot-wide canopy. It has clever features and traditional, market-style construction that’s extremely sturdy and won’t bow or bend. Use the fold-down handles to screw the base securely into the sand, clip in the umbrella and tilt the canopy to your liking. Rated SPF 100+ for sun protection, it’s the ultimate in all-day relaxing


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