Magical snorkel technology

Non-thinking, “dry-mouth” snorkels are a cool technology that will keep water out of your mouth and nose while you’re snorkeling in Maui.

Check out this 1 minute video

What’s in the video?

Here’s how dry-mouth snorkels shield your mouth and nose from sea water:

  • A high-tech valve purges water if it enters the top of the snorkel
  • A second valve lets water out at your mouthpiece
  • Soft, dual-silicone mask seals snugly to your face, keeping water out

Don’t smile

Daniel says “don’t smile” while you’re snorkeling because smiling can break the seal between your mask and your face, letting water in.

get mine for my trip

The Snorkel Store offers non-thinking dry-mouth snorkels exclusively. Reserve your snorkel rental now and ensure that you’re comfortable in the ocean.

photo of snorkel rental on maui