Maui is all about the beach.

The #1 secret to any successful Maui vacation is to focus the island’s world-famous beaches.

Hit The Beach As Soon As You Land

Explore Maui’s beaches and swim with green sea turtles every day of your Maui trip.

  • Reserve your snorkel sets in advance so you can hit the beach as soon as you land.
  • Take advantage of our online deals, and avoid resort prices.
  • It’s easy to get caught in long lines and tourist traps at near resorts. Get custom-fit with snorkel rentals and explore Maui all week long.


Comfort In The Water

A custom-fit with quality snorkel gear makes all the difference when you’re snorkeling with turtles in Maui.

  • The Snorkel Store offers snorkels with dry-mouth technology, exclusively. Other shops offer low-end products that don’t work well in the.
  • We hand fit every Maui visitor so your mask, fins, and snorkel are snug and comfy
  • Each Maui Snorkel Rental comes with a bottle of defogger and a convenient backpack tote o you’ll be “hands free” to the beach.
  • We hand wash our gear with soap and water and we never use bleach.


All The Best Deals

You’ll get the best deal when you reserve your snorkel sets online, in advance.

  • Get 2-for-1 snorkel sets
  • Get a free beach chair or boogie board when you rent 2 or more sets (limit to 1 freebie per party)
  • All rentals reservations are 100% refundable.



Mix And Match

Swap out your Maui Beach Bundle for items that are perfect for your party, or select your individual beach rentals a la carte.

  • Mix-and-match beach chairs, boogie boards, snorkel sets, coolers or float belts to build the perfect bundle for your group.
  • Add or remove any item to the Maui Beach Bundle.
  • A beach chair will extend your beach day by 30% on average compared with a towel.


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Know Where To Go —>

Now that you’ve you’ve got your beach rentals, it’s time to hit the beach. Find out where to go every day of your Maui trip.

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Maui, Easy As 1-2-3

  1. Get The Good Stuff
  2. Know Where To Go
  3. Enjoy Your Ohana Perks

The #1 Secret For A Successful Maui Trip – Learn what we feel is the the #1 secret to a successful Maui vacation in this short 1-minute video.