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Focus on the fish and turtles while recreating in Maui! The floating GoPole Bobber will keep your memories safe while you’re snorkeling in the ocean.

Whacha Get

  • Bobber effortlessly preserves your GoPro at the ocean’s surface 
  • Doubles as hand grip and a floatation device
  • Highly visible design makes the bobber easy to spot, even in rough surf
  • Record epic video of yourself snorkeling with green sea turtles in Maui

The Details

  • Includes direct GoPro connection, high torque thumbscrew and wrist strap
  • Effortlessly connect tripod or wrist strap to the bottom of the handle
  • No-slip rubber matrix grip ensures your a secure grip in high action situations
  • Carabiner (included) attaches bobber to your backpack in between shots


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