Freedom In Maui

Freedom in Maui is all about knowing where to go on the island, when to go, and how to save money in the process. Check out this Toolkit that offers everything you’ll need to explore Maui like a local island insider!

Your Maui Toolkit

Spending your time unplugging on Maui’s world-famous beaches is by far the #1 secret to a successful Maui vacation. But it’s easy to get caught in tourist traps in Maui. Follow these 3 easy steps to ensure you create memorable experiences all week long.

1. Know Where To Go!

From Kapalua Bay to Makena, Maui has some of the best beaches in Hawaii. But you’ve got to know where to go. Check out the Maui Beaches Guide PDF to start exploring now.


2. Know When To Go!

Ocean conditions on Maui change every day. Fortunately, our morning Maui Snorkel Report shows you exactly when to hit your favorite beach every day.


3. Don’t Overspend!

For the cost of a 5-hour boat tour you can unplug on Maui’s world-famous beaches all week long. Reserve your gear early to experience best of Maui without breaking the bank.


The #1 Secret To A Successful Maui Vacation

In business for 5 year now, we’ve feel we’ve learned a thing or two about how to do Maui right. Check out this 45 second video about what we believe is The #1 Secret To A Successful Maui Vacation.

2-For-1 Everything

If you prefer to get your beach rentals a la carte, you’re in luck. Reserve your gear online or with the coupon below in the store to get 50% off every one of these classic beach essentials!

Maui Beach Rentals

Maui Deals Page

The Snorkel Store has just announced the creation of a new Maui Deals! Page—where you can find all the best deals in Maui in one place. All the tours and adventures on this page are priced between 15% – 40% off.


Your First Stop Shop

The Snorkel Store is a full-service concierge offering everything you need for the beach plus special rates on the best tours in Maui. Swing by as soon as you land to get the good stuff in Maui!

  • Unmatched Customer Service – The Snorkel Store is a new kind of Maui business based almost entirely on your input. That’s why you’ve rated us 5-Stars on Yelp and Trip Advisor.
  • Custom Fit Gear – The Snorkel Store custom fits every rental. Quality, custom fit fins and mask make all the difference for comfort when you’re in the water.
  • “Non-thinking” Snorkels – Most snorkel shops offer different “tiers” of snorkels. With us you’ll get “non-thinking” dry mouth snorkels every time. These snorkels purge water from your mouth automatically with 2 valves (watch this short video).
  • Free Beach Chair Or Boogie Board – When you book 2 or more snorkel sets online you’ll get your choice of a free Tommy Bahama beach chair or boogie board for the same rental period. Simply write your choice in the “notes” section at checkout.
  • Free Customized Beach Map – When you join us at Snorkel Store you’ll receive a free beach map, customized based on the weather during your stay.
  • No Gimmicks – Some of Maui’s snorkel shops are in business with time-share real estate companies. They’ll try to get you in the store with cheap offers like “$1.50 Snorkels” then work to get you into a time-share meeting. The Snorkel Store is all about exploring Maui’s incredible beaches, period.
  • Free Restaurant Coupons – When you join us at The Snorkel Store you’ll get coupons for free pupus and deserts, and discounts at famous Maui eateries such as Duke’s, Hula Grill, and Cool Cat Cafe. That’s right, free.
  • Avoid Resort Prices – For about the cost of one day’s rental at the resorts you can get your gear for a week at The Snorkel Store . Reserve your beach rentals with us and save those extra bucks for that sweet Maui Luau.

Free Boogie Board Or Beach Chair

When you  pre-pay for 2 or more snorkel sets online you’ll also get a free boogie board or beach chair rental for the same time period! (One freebie per party.)



Free is a great price! Simply write which beach item you want in the notes section at checkout.

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We can’t wait to meet you in Maui, Mahalo!

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