The Snorkel Store is committed to the privacy and security of our customers’ personal data. Here are some of our most important policies in common language.


  • Any personal information you share with us will be used solely to assist with your Maui trip.
  • We never share or sell emails, phone numbers or other personal information.
  • You can remove your personal information from The Snorkel Store at any time.
  • Please contact us by email or telephone to review, change, or remove your personal data from our system. Call 808-669-1077 or email us at
  • Any coupon we offer is available to you without the need to share your personal information. Use the contact methods above to request any coupon without filling out a form.

Processing data

If we process your personal data through The Snorkel Store it will be for one of 3 reasons.

  1. You gave us Informed Consent to do so.
  2. You asked us to Perform a Contract (rent beach gear or take a tour in Maui) on your behalf.
  3. You have a Legitimate Interest in gaining information about Maui.

If you determine we do not have one of the above 3 types of relationships, please inform us by email or phone. We will immediately remove your personal data from our system.


  • Folks connecting with The Snorkel Store from Europe, please reach out to us for more explicit information on how we store and process your personal information, and also how you can amend or delete your personal information.
  • With new laws in place on May 25, 2018 through the GDPR, The Snorkel Store has a specific sensitivity to these new policies related to online data. We are learning as we go. Please reach out to us with any necessary changes to our policies and will update them in a quick and decisive manner.


We use cookies to learn more about what kinds of products and pages folks are interested in at our website. Our goal is to match our website with the desires of our customers.

If you don’t want to be “cookied” when you arrive at our website, please let us know and we’ll make sure you get the goods or services your’e looking for without being tracked.

If you have further questions about our legal policies regarding email please call 808-669-1077 or email us at