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Wandering to the beach with a towel and snorkel set in hand is a great way to enjoy your vacation. But a little bit of planning can turn a “down day” in Maui into one of the most memorable days of your trip.

Remember these 3 tips that can make any beach day a stand-out of your Maui vacation!

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1.  Go Snorkeling – Within 10 minutes of your hotel are some of the most spectacular snorkeling destinations in Maui. The Snorkel Store’s concierge desk will circle the island’s best snorkeling beaches on a free, personalized beach map, that you can take with you from the store.

2.  Beach Chair – After 45 minutes, sitting on a beach towel in the sand, most folks will become a little uncomfortable. The well made, Tommy Bahama beach chair is the simple secret that will extend your stay at the beach for only $5.

3.  Action Item – We’ll often leave the beach early because our bodies become a little restless. Bring a boogie board or stand up paddle board to get your blood pumping on your Maui beach day.

–>> Grab all 3 of these items, plus a Tommy Bahama beach umbrella, in the popular Maui Beach Bundle!


1.  Go Snorkeling

Trying to find the best snorkeling beaches in Maui can feel a little daunting.  Get a free, personalized beach map at The Snorkel Store, and take the guesswork out finding the fun zone!

Get A Free Beach Map – Your personal concierge at The Snorkel Store will tailor your beach map to the needs of your party.  Maui’s weather changes from day to day so make sure to get the inside scoop before you head out for your day in the sun.

Snorkel Gear Is Inexpensive – For as little as $3.50 a day, you can explore an underwater universe of colorful, tropical fish, and green sea turtles any time you want during your stay in Maui.

Easy Access And Free Parking – The beaches in Maui are set up to accommodate visitors.  Enjoy free parking, and easy beach access at snorkeling locations a short 10-minute drive from Lahaina, Kaanapali, or Kihei.


2.  Rent A Quality Beach Chair

A “day” at the beach can quickly become “an hour and a half” at the beach when you’re feeling uncomfortable.  Bring a quality beach chair and enjoy custom comfort at the beach, all day long.

Comfort Is King – A quality beach chair is the secret sauce that turns a regular beach day into a slice of tropical heaven.  Sit back, claim your zone, and enjoy Maui’s magical, natural landscape.

Mobile Beach Cabana – Add a heavy-duty umbrella to the mix and you’ve got a mobile beach cabana.  Maui’s trade winds and mid-day sun are no matches for your peaceful, shaded picnic area.

Maui Beach Bundle – Grab and go! This is everything you need to charge the beach in Maui:  2 snorkel sets, 2 beach chairs, a beach parasol, and 2 boogie boards.  This all-in-1 package gets you everything you’ll need without any hassle.


3.  Bring An Adventure Item

Sometimes you want to lounge at the beach, and sometimes you want to move around.  A boogie board or stand up paddle board ensures you can do both in without leaving your prime location.

Boogie Board – Whether you’re 5 or 85 the boogie board is the classic action sports rental for the beach.  We’re not all going to become surfers, but most of us enjoy an enticing wave and a gentle float from time to time.

Snorkel, Snorkel, Snorkel – We can’t say it enough:  you’re in one of the best places in the world for snorkeling.  Get out there on your own—you can totally do this!

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It’s Not Expensive

You’d be hard pressed to find a guided Maui activity tour that costs less than $100 per person. Most of the beach items we’ve illustrated above only cost about $5.

Strolling to the ocean with your beach towel is easy, but after an hour you’ll probably want to move along to another activity.  Next time you’re in Maui, remember these simple beach items will turn your beach day into one you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

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